International Taxation

From tax-efficient cross-border structures to multinational takeovers, Weidema van Tol makes sure you are legally compliant. We know your reputation depends on it.

International Corporate Tax Services

With a team of tax advisors operating in multiple countries, Weidema van Tol is a leading authority on international taxation. Our tax advisors not only assist our clients on tax matters within the context of mergers, takeovers, restructuring, buy-outs and similar transactions; but also on recurring tax matters such as structural maintenance, filing tax returns and assisting in tax audits and horizontal monitoring meetings.

When it comes to tax, relationships are key. Typically, our excellent relationship with the tax authorities in which we operate means we can negotiate advance tax rulings. This creates the appropriate level of advance security for companies contemplating an investment in complex cross-border structures.

Our tax practice group provides a wide range of advice in the field of stock listings and other transactions specifically related to the stock exchange, such as public bids, legal mergers and spin-offs, and the repurchase of shares. Our advice is available to either the companies or the financial institutions involved.

For our clients in Europe, the U.S. and further afield, our tax consultancy and tax planning services enable us to optimise their tax positions.

We have extensive experience with structures for group financing and treasury management activities, both domestically and internationally. We also represent a diverse group of corporate clients - primarily U.S. multinationals.

A key feature of the tax practice group is its independence. For example, while we have the capability to adopt an integrated international tax solution in different locations, we will only do so if it is advantageous to our client. Because it is our clients’ interests that comes first. Not ours.

When it comes to tax, relationships are key.